• Give credit to ParanoiaPaige/PearFlower when showing off

  • Keep PearFlower in the prefix if you show!

  • If a hexed pet is no longer wanted, please feel free to send back!

  • If a bred pet is no longer wanted, feel free to delete/MPA/ Or send back!

  • Feel free to brex, hex, breed, name/gender  change, etc.

  • For SGCh litters, I would love for the offspring to be shown, but you can still apply even if you don't show! Just leave a little "why" when applying for SGCh offspring!

  • One per person per file for hexed files

  • Two per litter for bred litters

Interested? Send me an e-mail at

Catspur x Taste - SGCh Litter (Persian Parents)
Lisa Moe - Mr.Burns - Smithers - Marge - Bart - Homer
Spice x Crozler - SGCh Litter (Meezer Parents)
Meg - Chris - Bonnie - Lois - Peter
Gothic Sans x October - SGCh Litter (Dane Parents)
Bobby - PeggyHank
Doorknob x Zinc - SGCh Litter (Mutt Parents)
Alice - Amir - Angela - Abby - Adam
Blueberry x Dawson - SGCh Litter (Dachie Parents)
Banana - Orange - Pineapple - Apple - Kiwi - Grapefruit - Strawberry
Mudslide Sheepie!
Krampus Lab!

Not seeing anything you like? Check out my PUGS shop, updated weekly! Or my Flea Market Auctions!

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